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keep grilled hot dogs warm
we are having a family event on August 3rd. It will be from 5-8 so dinnertime. We are expecting 1000 people, mixture of adults,children and teens. From your website, i need 2000 hot dogs and buns. We are also doing individual bags of chips- how many of those should we have? Lemonade to drink- i am good on those amounts...

We have an industrial grill so it holds 80-100 hot dogs at a time...any suggestions on how to keep the dogs warm once they are done - we will have food in one location so I will do a chafer set up for that...but i need to keep them warm between the grill and putting them out..

That's a big family! You have 2 good choices; either electric roasters set for steaming, or preheated ice chests, as outlined on the taco/potato bar page; whatever is hot ggoing in will stay hot several hours if the chests are adequately preheated.

Here is steaming info:

Here are two potentially very useful recipes:

Here is what I told someone about keeping hot:

There are two types of insert pans, There is the single large one which actually makes up the wall of the roaster and then there is a buffet serving insert that fits inside the first pan and turns the roaster into a giant chafing dish or double boiler for serving.

You have two tasks: 1) cooking the dogs and 2)keeping them warm. I would probably use several roasters, one to cook and the others to keep warm. You can cook by boiling, roasting/baking or steaming, all of which can be done in the roasters. To boil, you fill the large liner 1/2 full with water, cover and bring to a boil by setting high, add dogs, cover and bring bsck to a boil, simmering until the internal temp of a dog is 170 on an instant read thermometer. If you don't have this type thermometer, get one; this is a food safety issue.

If you have never boiled water like this an you want to use this method, check out how long your roaster takes by doing the water heating part ahead at home as a test.

To steam, you use water under a rack. Can't do as many at once, but I like the taste better.

You can also roast or broil in a regular oven then keep warm as below.

Once hot, can be kept safely warm; put in a roaster with a rack in the bottom, 1 cup water under the rack, preheated to 250.

Condiments are on the sandwich event page. You might include a few packs of veggie dogs or tofu pups for the non-meat eaters. You might also consider using polish sausages or kielbasa instead of regular dogs- taste better and not much more expensive if purchased at Sams or Costco or through bulk restaurant supply.

Sorry.. I should have said this is our fall kickoff at church...we do have an industrial warmer/proofer available that i could use but i don't want the dogs to dry out..I would like to grill the dogs and then keep them warm but with this volume, am i better off to steam? I do have access to several roasters as well and several large coolers...I plan on grilling the whole time..
For 1000, you would need 8-10 people grilling and more than one grill to feed everyone in a reasonable time frame.

Yes, steamed would hold better and be simpler.

A roaster can only do about 20 pounds of meats at a time, That is at very most 150 or so dogs. If you do this many, you want to stand them more or less on end, so the steam rises up between them.

You might look into renting hot dog carts...

Now about the chips- at least one package per person including kids, but 2-3 per teen, and get some baked for the many people who are not eating fried these days.

Good luck. Get LOTS of help.

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