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meaty marinara spaghetti recipe
I am planning a spaghetti meal for 55 people on a camping trip. Only 3 are under age 9. We do not want much leftovers because we have limited refrigeration( just coolers)
We plan to follow your simple spaghetti plan but will serve buffet style, not serve meat balls, just meat sauce , 7 Pounds green salad, 7 loves of bread, and serve 150 cookies and 20 Lbs fresh fruit for dessert.
Should I up the menu amounts? IS 10# pasta, ok? One pound will be gluten free, rest regular.
I am mostly concerned with the sauce. I have read thru the recipe multiple times.

On the Meaty Marinara sauce recipe as the base you list

3 pounds hot Italian sausage
3 pounds sweet/mild Italian sausage
10 pounds meat loaf mix (beef, pork, veal)
10 #2 1/2 can cans Italian "pear" tomatoes,
OR or 2 #10 cans
10 (6 ounce) cans tomato paste
10 (1 pound) cans regular tomatoes
OR or 1 #10 cans
1/2 cup sugar

Does that mean the recipe as is calls for 2 # 10 cans of pear tomatoes AND 60 oz of tomato paste and 160 oz of regular tomatoes ? The second OR confuses me because a the cans of tomato paste and regular tomatoes are way more than a # 10 can which is about 110 oz. So the way I read it it takes 3 # 10 cans of tomatoes for the 100 servings. I wanted to be sure this is correct, and I will reduce the recipe to about 60 %.
Thanks for your help

You want 10 # 2 1/2 can OR 2 #10 cans of the Italian tomato pieces; best packed in juice, not water.

Yes, and 60 ounces of tomato paste

Yes, and 10 pounds of regular tomatoes OR 1 #10 can

3 #10 cans is less than 40 cups of tomatoes, not a lot to serve 100 people.

I will see if I can edit that recipe so it is clearer.

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