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wedding reception for 200 to 250 people
Dawn Robison
doing an informal wedding reception. Hog roast style. In the evening and outdoors. small children will be minimal with a majority being adults.
along with the hog, serving cheesy potatoes, mini corn cobs, vegetable and fruit trays, pumpkin bars, scotcharoos, 3 types of cookies.
Cookies we figured 2 per person but my question is about the mini corn cobs.....approx. how many we should fix.
hog, need about 1 pound per adult. Have a crock pot full of veggie sausages, about 20 servings- field roast is a reliable brand- for any non-pork or non-meat eaters; there will be some.

Suggest you have mustards, and consider adding an apple dish such as fried apples or apple sauce, about 3 gallons per 100. BBq table sauce? about 1 cup per 6.

serving cheesy potatoes, article on amounts for 200 ate the bottom of the breakfast planning page

mini corn cobs, 1 per guest, plus about 10 percent.

vegetable trays, suggest 2 of the classic relish tray on the veg tray page, plus raw veg and Ranch for 80-100.
fruit trays, use the fruit tray page; 2 times the deluxe tray for 100 would be abundant.

I would strongly suggest you consider adding a bean dish, could be a cold 3 or 4 bean salad, about 2- 2 1/2 gallons per 100, and a second specialty salad, such as broccoli slaw, or cherry tomatoes with fresh mozzarella; for both color and to fill out the plate.

pumpkin bars,
Cut small, at least 1 per person
3 types of cookies, small-2 inches or less, at least 1 of each type per person.

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