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Wedding 200 people
Doing my own food for my wedding August 8th. COming up soon. I have a whole hog already.
I was thinking chicken quarters, and hot dogs for children.
There is no place to cook or prepare the food so it all has to be made previously. Not sure about how many crockpots I will be able to get
so for the sides I want to try to stick to cold salads , pastas, and minimal warm food unless they can be cooked on the grill? Any ideas I have thought maybe pasta salad, potato salad, cole slaw, corn on the cob? and a fruit salad that wont brown. Not sure about rolls maybe a recipie to make a bunch would be cheaper than buying them. Any suggestions would be awesome. I also forgot to ask about how much bbq sauce and salad dressing it takes to feed 200 people?
Andrea, for 200 people, you don't need crock pots, you need the large 18-20 quart roasters, and lots of them. The roaster will hold 20 pound meat, max, or about 50 side servings.

You also need 4 people managing the kitchen and about 10-12 out front to set up, serve, and clean up the party, and these will not be at the wedding because they need to be doing the food.

whole hog already. How big? They only serve about 1 person per pound. 1 cup table sauce per 5-6 people
chicken quarters, you need 1/4 per person who doesn't have pork, plus 1 piece (a quarter is 2 pieces) for each person who does have pork. Cut apart about 1/3 of the cooked chicken.
hot dogs for children- skip. Requires, buns, condiments. Kids will eat chicken!

You can do fine without hot sides.

pasta salad, 10 pounds dry pasta
potato salad, 70 pounds potatoes
cole slaw, 6 gallons

corn on the cob? skip- messy to eat and hard to cook or hold properly

Instead, do maybe 3 specialty salads, such as
corn and black bean salsa
marinated cucumbers
broccoli cauliflower
cherry tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and fresh basil
3 or 4 bean salads
2 gallons of each per 100

fruit salad- do fruit trays, keep better, prettier to serve, and the leftovers are more useful. See the fruit tray page.

At least 12 pounds of good bread or rolls and 2 pounds butter for each 100.

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