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Wedding reception 80-100
I am helping with an afternoon wedding reception to be held a week after the wedding (for people who couldn't go out of state).

Time: 1-4 p.m.
Menu: Chicken salad and croissants from Costco, cut up into thirds
Spiral sandwiches (roast beef, mexican)

OOPS! Also Potato Salad
Spinach Salad
Veggie tray
Hummus and Ranch dip
Cupcakes/Sugar cookies
Italian sodas and other drinks

My only real question about quantity is for the spiral sandwiches(60 of each kind? or more. I will be making these.) and the hummus and ranch dip, both of which will be made from scratch. Will 4 cups of each be enough?

Hi, SKchef,

You have hit a pet peeve of mine, which is cut up croissants. PLEASE find or make nice little biscuits or rolls for these little sandwiches!

Chicken salad and croissants from Costco, cut up into thirds-do little rolls, 2 per guest
Spiral sandwiches (roast beef, mexican)- 2 bites/pieces of each per guest

Potato Salad- 35 pounds potatoes per 100
Spinach Salad- 8 pounds spinach per 100
Watermelon- 1/2 pound whole per person, cubed

Veggie tray- use the veggie tray page, 4-5 bites per person
Hummus- 1 cup per 4
Ranch dip- 1 cup per 6
Have pita chips here also, about 1 ounce per person

Cupcakes/Sugar cookies
Italian sodas and other drinks- you could cross check the beverage planning page

I wish I could make that change but I am helping a friend who has made the menu. I feel good enuf that I offered to help make hummus, ranch dip and spiral sandwiches rather than buying them already made with lots of chemicals and preservatives. I've done what I could :)

Thanks for the advice.

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