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gender reveal party 80 people
Hi! I'm throwing a gender reveal party with 40 adults and 40 children as guests. Food served will be an appetizer bar around 6pm. Foods include cheese dip, veggie dip, fruit dip, lil smokies, wings, and chicken tenders. How many pounds of each item should I provide?
Because you are serving at 6 pm instead of 7 or 8, you have to provide more food; some of your guests will not eat dinner before coming.

cheese dip, 1 cup per 4
either chips 1 pound per 10 or bread chunks, 2 ounces per person
veggie and dip, use the veggie tray page, plan 6-68 pieces per person, dip amounts are covered
fruit and dip, use the fruit tray page, plan 6-68 pieces per person, dip amounts are covered
lil smokies, 1 pound per 5-6
wings, these are expensive and with the tenders, you could go with legs- 5 large per 4 or 8 small per 4
chicken tenders, 2 per person, 3 if they are small; dip/sauce- 1 cup per 5.

This is very light, and you could use one or 2 starches. There is a very good spinach Parm bite recipe on this site that could be made ahead.

A really good addition would be 2 or 3 3-pound loaves of sculpted bread or seasoned flat bread, with about 5 pounds of slice it yourself cheeses, 2 or 3 types. One cheese could be a big block of cream cheese with strawberry or rose petal jam on one end, blueberry on the other. I have done 4 part challah braids and also far more suggestive sculptures for various parties.

Don't bake bread? Rhodes makes a VERY reliable frozen bread couggh, most Walmarts carry it, just thaw and shape, then let rise another hour, garnish/top and bake.

Best wishes for love and work to the new one.

Thank you for your advice!! Your recommendations are very welcomed to help me get the last few touches on this party. I have viewed your appetizer page and will try your suggestions. Without your page I would have just been lost....much appreciation!!
Ruth W
Wedding Reception
150 guest afternoon reception
Planing on appetizers need help with quality's.
Lil Smokies
Hot wings
Chicken salad sandwich
Veggie trays
Fruit trays
Drinks, sweet & unsweet tea, soda,coffee
Nuts & mints for the tables.


Hi, Ruth, did not expect to find this here. For an afternoon reception, not over a mealtime (the guests ate something before they came), you use about 1/3 less than a meal.

Lil Smokies- 10 pounds per 100, 3 quarts sauce, you can use sliced rings smoked sausage for the meat at a cost savings, same weight.
Hot wings,usual 4 pieces per person, do consider doing legs instead, easier eat and much less expensive, 1 1/2 per person
Chicken salad sandwich, do one regular sandwich worth, cut into 3-4 pieces, per person. 1 pound chicken salad makes about 12 full tea sandwiches. Have a couple dozen pimento cheese for any vegetarians

Veggie trays, see veggie tray page, consider doing a classic relish tray plus raw veggies for 100

Fruit trays, 1 deluxe fruit tray for 100, good for 150 for afternoon reception

Dips, 6 pounds potato or 8 pounds corn per 100, 1 pint salsa or dip for each pound

sweet & unsweet tea, 12 gallons w 3-4 unsweetened. Lots of interesting flavors these days
soda, estimate number of soda drinkers, then use beverage planning guide for that many- but I would suggest you consider lemonade or a punch instead, cheaper and more festive, 8 gallons
coffee do reception level coffee for 100, see beverage planning page

Nuts & mints for the tables; 4 pounds mints, 6 pounds nuts per 100

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