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Bridal shower for 45
i am throwing a bridal shower and wanted some help with how much i need

i will have 2 pans penne ala vodka
6 stromboli's (different kinds)

now is where i need your help:

fruit skewers
cheese and crackers
pesto pinwheels (for those who dont eat strombolis)
spinach dip and bread

can you help me with how much of those items i will need ?

2 pans penne ala vodka- assuming these a full catering trays, OK
couple jars of Parm
6 stromboli's (different kinds)- OK, don't forget dipping sauce, 1 cup per 4
pesto pinwheels (for those who dont eat strombolis) about 60 pieces, but consider doing 2-3 spinach mushroom stromboli instead. Our local place makes them and they are delicious.

meatballs- about 12 pounds, 4 quarts sauce
salad- do 1/2 the amount for 100 from the plan for 100 page
fruit skewers- suggest you do trays instead, easier, prettier, and hold much better because of less handling- see the fruit tray page; 1 1/2 the tray for 25 or 1/3 the deluxe tray for 100, as it is really big
cheese- about 3 pounds
crackers- about 3 pounds

spinach dip and bread, 1 cup dip per 4-6, 1 pound bread smallish chunks per 15

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