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taco dinner
We are doing a fund raiser and wonder how much we need of the following For 400 adults 100 kids, Rice, stewed tomatoes for rice pinto (not refried) beans, taco shells, hamburger for tacos, seasoning for hamburger cake, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce onions, queso dip chips tea lemonade Thank you
If this is NOT self serve, use the taco bar for 100 on this site, and do 4 times the amounts; the extra allowed for seconds would cover the kids unless they are teens. If they are, do 4 1/2 times.
For tea and lemonade, use the beverage planning page.
There are recipes on this site for Spanish and Mexican rice for 100, and also an excellent recipe for boracho beans. These can be your guide for seasonings.
There is also a recipe for home made taco seasoning in large amounts, which will save you a bundle:

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