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Cook Talk

My daughters sweet 16 140 guests
Hi I'm catering but have no idea how much to order!
How many would I need to order of each, I'm clueless!
-6 foot Italian heroes
-full trays of baked ziti
-full trays of garden salad
-full trays of chicken fingers
-full trays old mozzarella sticks
Full trays of French fries
Full trays of chicken (either parm or lemon chicken)
I chose snack type foods as about 100 of the guests are teenagers
She's chosen cupcakes instead of cake, how many should I bake?
And how many chocolate chip cookies and brownies?
Thanks so much!
^^^^ full trays meaning the full size tray that fits in rack over sterno
Hi, you have a few questions to answer

-6 foot Italian heroes- serves 24- consider 4-5

-full trays of baked ziti- with or without meat??? write back. One tray is about 20 servings meatless, or 16 with meat
This is a place you could save- the mozzarella sausage bake for 120 on this sight would be about right and MUCH less expensive that 5 trays...

-Full trays of French fries- don't hold well. Consider tater tots instead, hold better- amount depends on ziti, so write back

-full trays old mozzarella stick- fried? 5 sticks for every 2 persons

-full trays of garden salad- feed about 30- 5 trays. You could save some serious money here by buying pre-washed greens and slaw mix, maybe cherry tomatoes, and mixing yourself. 12-14 pounds, 12 bottles dressings, see plan for 100 for help on the dressing selection

-full trays of chicken fingers- you want about 2 pieces per person, ask for a count
Full trays of chicken (either parm or lemon chicken)- serves about 18 per full tray

cupcakes- 1 per person plus 10% if one flavor; 60% of total for each, if two flavors

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