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50th Anniversary Lunch for 90
I am planning my parents 50th Anniversary celebration where the attendance is 96% adult. I will be serving a buffet style lunch of cheesy potatoes, ham, green beans, & dinner rolls. I am totally unsure of how much I need for veggie & fruit trays and would appreciate your advice. On the veggie tray, I am looking to have the following: broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, green pepper, red pepper, & yellow pepper. On the fruit tray, I am looking to have the following: fresh pineapple, strawberries, red grapes & green grapes. I will also offer brownies & lemon bars for those who do not wish to have cake and will have a sausage & cheese tray. I think I am ok with figuring my other quantities, just having a toss around with the veggies & fruit. I do greatly appreciate your help in advance.
Hi, Carol,
The veggie tray page and fruit tray page tell how many pieces each item makes, and also how much dip/dressing. You want to plan 4 pieces veg if there is salad or 6 if no salad for each person.

For the fruit, about 6 bites per person.

Best wishes to your folks.

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