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Baby Shower for 40-50 people
I'm not sure of the amount of people so lets assume 50. I'm hosting a Baby Shower (all women no children) I just want to know if I'm making too much food? I'm planning on making a meatball tray, penne tray, chicken marsala tray, roasted potato tray and some sort of cabbage dish tray. There will be salad and bread as well as a sweets bar with cake cupcakes and other assorted goodies. (This is my first baby shower and I'm lost)
Help me, Rhonda,

I have no idea how much food on what size tray. Please give weights or measurements for your dishes. Most catering full trays serve 18-25, depending on the item.

Write back.

I'm planning on making 2 full trays of each entree. I don't know most of these people so I don't know how much they eat and I would hate to have too little or too much.
Oh sorry...I'm thinking with the meatballs approx. 80 (they're small) I figured about 7 boxes of Penne (1lb dry each box)the potatoes I'm thinking 2 whole potatoes per person cut up? And the chicken I'm going to make at least 65 thin slices for the marsala. I'm not sure what or if the cabbage dish will be you think I need it or do I need more of the others (or less)? With the lettuce I figure 8 heads of iceberg should be enough? Any suggestions will help! Thanks
meatball tray, 10 pounds plenty, 3 quarts sauce
chicken marsala tray, OK

penne tray, 5 pounds plenty. probably some left
roasted potato tray- 18 pounds potatoes, plenty

some sort of cabbage dish, 8 pounds cabbage plus whatever else

salad, 4 pound lettuce plenty, plus the usual add-ins for color; about 6 assorted bottles of dressing

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