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Appetizer wedding reception
I am cooking for my daughter's wedding. It is an afternoon wedding, We are just planning to serve appetizers; plus we are having a chocolate fountain with dipper (which I am supplying), and cupcakes (instead of wedding cake). I am planning on meatballs in sauce, mini chicken salad sandwiches on cream puffs (mini muffin size), mini quiches, bagel bites, cheese and crackers, vegetable tray with dip, fruit bowl with melons, and red grapes, and chips with dip and corn chips with salsa. We are also having a slushy punch. We are expecting 150 people. I am totally unsure about quantities.
150 people, about a 2 hour party, here is what I suggest

meatballs in sauce, 15-18 pounds, 3 quarts sauce per 10
mini chicken salad sandwiches on cream puffs (mini muffin size), 2 per person
mini quiches, 2 per person
bagel bites, 2 per person
cheese, 1 pound per 12, some could be logs or spreads
crackers, 8-9 pounds
vegetable tray with dip, use the vegie tray page, plan 4 bites per person, dip is discussed
fruit bowl with melons, and red grapes, 3 ounces melon (4 ounces with skin) per person and 1 pound grapes per 6
chips 1 ounce per person
dip 1 pint per pound of chips
corn chips 1 pound per 12
salsa 1 pint per pound

slushy punch since this doesn't go over ice, consider having 1 quart per 3
have one sugar free beverage- could be one of the new flavored ice teas- 3-4 gallons

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