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estimating veg/fruit production for communal meals
Greetings, I coordinate 2 meals per week for a co-housing community- we usually have 30 per meal, mostly adults. We also try to preserve a fair amount of tomatoes and fruits and hard shell squash for the winter, depending on woman power. I'm trying to come up with annual demand quantities to guide our vegetable and fruit gardeners and I'm not sure where to start. We often have excess produce (especially fruit) which is not always used or preserved and ends up as waste. Our meals are heavily vegetarian and in the summer, we hope to use mostly our own produce, though we do purchase meats as well. Where would you go for guidance? I plan to contact the local university extension service. Other ideas?
I just saw a guide for self sufficient gardening that had things like, 1o onion plants per person. I will try to find it again. In the meantime, do try to google self sufficient garden and food self sufficiency, you will be pleased with the results..
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