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Wedding Reception for 150
I am catering a wedding reception for 150. The bride has asked for pimento cheese and chicken salad served with crackers, ham and cheese sandwiches, tossed salad and fruit. How much of each do I need to prepare. Thanks so much!
Priscilla this is not enough food. See the many threads on receptions, discussing need for appetizers, etc. You need one or 2 starchy salad or dishes also, unless this is a middle of the afternoon, 2 hour reception.

Please get with your bride, then write back.

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I did talk with the bride and she has decided to forego the pimento cheese, and have a pasta salad instead. So this will make the menu tossed salad, chicken salad and crackers, ham and cheese sandwiches, fruit and pasta salad. The wedding is at 4:15, and the bride and groom are hanging around until 7:00. How much of each item do I need to plan on, and how much tea and water should I buy? I am doing this for a friend, at my cost. Thank you! The wedding is on September 14th.
tossed salad, use the plan for 100 page, do 1 1/2 times the amount for 100. It outlines dressings too.

chicken salad
about 4-4 1/2 gallons; these are usually 1/2 chicken, and 1 pound while chicken or turkey makes 1 cup meat; 1 pound boneless makes 2 cups
crackers, 10 pounds

It would not hurt to have a gallon of egg salad or pimiento cheese in a bowl for any non-meat eaters in the crowd; with 150 guests, there will be some.

ham and cheese sandwiches, suggest you get little slider rolls, they hold much better than sliced bread; do 8 sandwiches for every 5 people; 1 ounce deli shaved ham, 1 ounces sliced cheese and about a half teaspoon mustard per sandwich

fruit use fruit tray page, do at least the deluxe tropical tray for 100, maybe add several more quarts strawberries

pasta salad, start with 9-10 pounds dry pasta, many recipes this site.

how much tea and water?
This is discussed in some detail on the beverage planning page. You will save a bundle if you make your own tea- recipe is on that pae.

I buy 2 bottles water per person, on sale they are about $3 for 24 bottles. About 40 pounds of ice fills a large ice chest.

Hope this helps.

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