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Party platter
Hi! I am going to be catering an event for 90 people. For breakfast they want muffins and fruit. I am planning on cutting up melon and pineapple but have no idea how much. Also for an afternoon snack they want cheese and cracker plus more fruit. I plan to get grapes , strawberries and blueberries but once again have no idea how much cheese, crackers and fruit Thanks for any guidance!
Meghen, use the fruit tray page.

For the AM, you want 4 bites of melon and 3 pineapple per person

For the PM, you want 1 pound cheese per 12, some could be spreads or logs. 6 pounds crackers. 2 strawberries per person, 1 pound grapes per 10, 1 pint blueberries per 8-10.

Could add apple slices with fruit fresh, 4 slices per person.
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