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breakfast ideas for mixed group of 25
I'm making breakfast one of the mornings for a group of about 25 (couples, teenagers, older adults, young adults). Several of the people are very healthy eaters, some of the men are big meat eaters and the younger ones are fairly typical eaters for their age. how do I come up with a menu that works for all of these people but doesn't require me to get up at 4am to prepare?

On one of the other mornings, the person in charge is making scrambled eggs, waffles w/ham in them, potato pancakes w/bacon and applesauce. I would prefer my breakfast to be a bit lighter but still provide the 'meat' that some of the guys want.

Any suggestions for what to make?
Suggest a breakfast casserole- see the festive brunch page for some ideas- or perhaps some of the savory impossible pies- they are quiche-like, some have meat- from the recipe box page. You could do 5-6 in different flavors.

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