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Carrot/Celery Sticks Side Dish
Serving dinner for 250 - Dads/Daughters - after a busy day outside at camp.

I'm making baked ravioli (similar to your budget spaghetti).

I want to serve carrot and celery sticks as the veggie. Last year the kids didn't eat the salad and we had a lot left over.

Your veggie tray page says 2 oz per person, but I'm wondering since it's a side veggie do I need more?

I was thinking 25 lb carrots, 20 lb celery and 5 lb cucumbers - all cut into sticks. We will serve ranch dressing on the side for dipping. I limited the variety because, well, kids are picky!

Is this too many veggies? Not enough?

Thanks for your help!

You are OK, I would add cherry or grape tomatoes, 1 quart per 12, and would probably go with baby carrots.
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