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Cook Talk

meal for 300 in December
Here is our menu to serve 300, from 11:00 am until 2 pm. in December.
Turkey and Ham sandwiches
Baked Beans
Potato salad
Sandwich bread and condiments
Various Christmas cookies and desserts
Would you add anything to our menu OR modify it in any way? We may have as many 400 people because this is a charity event.
Thanks for any advice you can give us!!!
Please read my article, "community Feasts, an Introduction" and encourage all the volunteers to read it also:

Turkey and Ham sandwiches
plan 2 sandwiches per person, 2 ounces deli sliced type meat each; have sliced cheese there, but not on the sandwiches, 1 ounce per person
Baked Beans, 3 1/2 gallons per 100
Potato salad, 4 1/2 gallons per 100 (45 pounds potatoes to start, or use one of my recipes for 100 for guidance
Coleslaw, 3 gallons per 100
Sandwich bread and condiments
Various Christmas cookies and desserts, see the dessert planning page for help with amounts

See the beverage planning page for beverage help. Have plenty of coffee and iced tea, but consider also punch or lemonade, about 8 gallons per 100.

I would definitely add fruit trays, for color and festivity, or maybe a frozen fruit salad or ambrosia (recipes on this site). Please also consider having a hot potato salad, or adding a hot green veg.

THANK YOU so much. This really helps!
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