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Beverages at wedding
Paula Roberts
Wedding for 150 mix of adults and maybe 20 kids. We are having old fashion ne-hi sodas in bottles, sweet tea, unsweetend tea, lemondade, water, and RC Colas in bottles. Do you have a recommendation for how much of each I should prepare for? Teas and Water and Lemonade will be in 2.5 gallon dispensers.
Charming idea! Hard to estimate, but I would expect about 100 to have soda pop.

old fashion ne-hi sodas in bottles,
and RC Colas in bottles
about 1/2 RC, some sugar free, balance mixed fruit - if they don't make a sugar-free, consider adding 2 dozen cans of one of the diet colas

sweet tea,
unsweetend tea,
9 gallons, about 3 unsweetened

lemonade, probably not the biggest seller... maybe 6 gallons

water, about 8 cases, buy where you can return unopened cases.

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We are having an afternoon party buffet for 75 people, mostly adults, and are now questioning the amount of drinks needed. We have 160 bottles of water, 24 cans iced tea, 24 cans of sprite, 60 cans of cola, 60 cans diet cola and an unlimited amount of brewed coffee. We also purchased the individual powder mixes (lemonaid) that people can mix in the bottled water. We are not serving alcohol. Is this enough? If not, what else should we buy? Thanks
I would probably trade in 2 6 packs of diet cola for diet sprite, or diet gingerale- some non-caffeinated diet soda. Other than that, you should be fine- probably a quarter left over.
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