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Cook Talk

Reception for 400
My family is preparing the food for our nieces wedding recption. She has choosen to have 2 meats: Pepper Steak and Chicken quarters roasted on a pit. I have figured @ 160lbs of raw beef and 140lbs of raw Chicken. We are also fixing twice baked mash potatoes and unsure of the quantity of raw potatoes needed I thought @ 200lbs. Am I at all close on these amounts. There will be cheeses and veggies as appetizers. Two veggetables and rolls with the meal.
Yes, close.You will have some of each left, but everyone will get his or her first choice.

Since you are rilling, it is especially important you realize that the 3-4 grillers will not be at the wedding, and that it takes about 4-5 people in the kitchen and 20+ out front (who do not attend the wedding) to set up, serve, and clean up this size party.

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