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Buffet style reception
I am handling a reception for 175 and need to make sides and chicken. They are having a pig roast as the main protein. I'm looking to do salad, rolls, rigatoni, baked beans and green beans. They also wanted prices for cheese, meat and veggie platters for the cocktail hr before the reception.
pig roast
salad, use plan for 100 table, do 1 3/4 times the amount for 100
rolls, 20 pounds, 4-5 pounds butter
rigatoni, 18 pounds pasta
baked beans, 5-6 gallons
green beans, 35 pounds
1 piece of chicken per person- a quarter is 2 pieces

They also wanted prices- I don't do prices, here are amounts
cheese, 1 pound per 10
meat, 1 pound per 12
crackers, 11-12 pounds
veggie platters for the cocktail hr - 1 pound per 10, 1 cup dip per 6
Strongly encourage fruit tray, better choice than veggie, this is a heavy meal and not a lot of color!

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