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Reception forc100
I'm helping my friends reception. Wedding at 2:30 , eating at 5:30-6:00. Horsd'oeuvres in between. For 100 people. Cheese/ crackers, veg tray and fruit trays. The meal is pulled pork , chicken breast, scallop pots, green beans, salad, rolls. Buffet style with salads on the table. Wedding is November 1st. Please help!!! :)
Reception for 100
Cinny, this is not enough appetizers for 2 hours, you need to add at least a spread or dip

Cheese/ crackers,
1 pound cheese per 8, 6 pounds crackers
veg tray, - use veggie tray page, about 6 pieces per person
fruit trays- deluxe tray for 100 more than enough
spread or dip, 1 cup per 4, 8 pounds bread bites or chips or 5 pounds other crackers


pulled pork, 1 pound per 5
chicken breast, 1 pound per 4
Have a crockpot of vegetarian sausages or patties for anyone who does not eat meat
scalloped potatoes, 30-35 pounds poatoes
green beans, 22 pounds
salad, use plan for 100 table, top section
rolls, 12 pounds

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