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Cook Talk

Brunch @ 1 pm
Hi I am doing a brunch for 150 ppl @ 1 pm. Not my choice-doing it for a client.
I have figured the following
Sausage Breakfast casserole 6 full pans(chaffer)
Blueberry Strata casserole 6 full pans
Ham- 3 oz per person? around 30#
Fresh Fruit-45 quarts
yogurt for yogurt bar 6-7 gallons
granola 18#
syrup and butter
Grits-have no idea -i am thinking half people will take
Spinach Salad-12# spinach and 6# strawberries
3/4 gallon hot bacon dressing
hashbrown casserole-cheesy variety 8 full pan
she is having donuts from a high end donuts store for the cake
Biscuits and jelly for the appetizer with coffee hot choc iced coffee and tea(got these amts)
Oh ya I use the full 2.5 inch pans not 4#
HI Ellen this is for Sat the 20th
Yikes. A full pan serves 20, so you will have some of each left. Ham all gone, fruit left over- 20-25 quarts about right- no more than 5 gallons yogurt, and 4 probably enough- 3 pounds honey- some granola left, up to 1/2;

One 5 lb bag grits AP yields about 13 cups dry, regular grits OR about 62 cups cooked grits and provides about 250 -cup servings cooked grits OR about 125 -cup servings cooked grits OR about 84 -cup servings cooked grits. I would do all, and take the leftovers home in loaf pans to chill, slice and fry for "fried grits".

Spinach salad OK, provide a non-meat dressing for any vegetarians. Raspberry vinaigrette?

5-6 pans potatoes will still give you leftovers.

I am SO sorry I did not get this to you sooner. Very tough month here.

Please explain, what is a 4# pan, and what is a 2.5" pan? Thanks
the standard chafing pan can be 2 1/2 or 4 inches deep, the volumes are listed on the pots and pans page
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