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food for pre-game football party
As a senior,it is my son's turn to host the weekly pre-game party for his football team. There are about 45-50 teenagers invited. We are planning on getting pizzas, making pulled pork, pasta salad, nacho dip, buffalo chicken dip, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, desserts, and chips. For beverages, soda, bottled water, and iced tea. How much should we make, or buy?? Especially need help with pizzas, pulled pork, chips, and beverages. Thanks for your help in advance...
These folks eat a lot.

pizzas, about 8 large

pulled pork, 1 pound ready to serve per 4, 5 large buns or 12 slider buns per pound
1 gallon slaw, 1/2 gallon pickles, 4-5 pounds sliced onions
hot dogs, skip, different buns, extra condiments, no star power

pasta salad, 4 pounds dry pasta
macaroni and cheese, 8 pounds dry pasta, 8 9x13 dishes, or one very full roaster

nacho dip, 1 cup per 4
1/2 gallon sliced jalapenos
buffalo chicken dip, 1 cup per 5
chips, 1 pound per 8

desserts, see dessert planning page, count as 2/3 of 100

soda, about 10 2 liter
bottled water, 2 per person, prob some left
iced tea, 6 gallons, 1/3 unsweetened

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