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Salads for a wedding for 220 people
I am looking for a recipes (quantities to purchase) for a marinated vegetable salad using broccoli, cauliflower, olives mushrooms and cukes and tomatoes. I have to make three salads for a wedding reception of 220 people. I hope that each salad for 150 servings will be enough. Also I have to make a pasta salad using rotini. How much rotini should I purchase. Do you think that making the serving size for each salad to serve 150 is too much? Should I reduce the serving sizes to100 - 125?
Carol, when I make specialty mix salads, I make 2 gallons per 100 for up to 3 salads. Then I make green salad for 1/2 the number of people expected.

For pasta salad, if it is the only starchy dish, I make 6 pounds dry pasta per 100.

My recipe for antipasto vegetables on this site, might help you with quantities:

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