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Very Simple Menu - Invited 200 (Expecting 150)
For a dinner meal, planning to serve meatball subs and hot Italian sausage subs with peppers and onions. I read in another post on this site that 1# of meatballs for each 4 people and 1# of sausage for each 5 people was recommended. Wouldn't that be 67.5# of meat for 150 people which is about 2.2# per person. That seems like a lot of meat - too much. The only other items on the menu are tuna macaroni salad and veggies/dip. Any insight about quantities for all of these items would be greatly appreciated. Attendees are adults (men and women) of various ages. Thank you kindly.
Dawn, 37.5 # meatballs plus 30 # sausage is about 7 ounces per person, and 6-7 ounces is a standard caterer's estimate for mixed meat entrees for parties, especially with such light sides. Not sure how you got 2.2# per person?
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