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how much
Valerie smith
I need help! I am catering a dinner for 100 people. I am serving baked rosemary chicken(dark meat pieces) Whole boneless rib eye roast.
mashed potatoes, green bean bundles, baked mac & cheese, fried cabbage. I need to know how many pounds of boneless rib eye I need? please help!
how much- ribeye for 100 people
Valerie, with rib eye, the chicken will be scorned and neglected, especially if it is dark meat only!

baked rosemary chicken(dark meat pieces) - 1 piece per person, some left
Whole boneless rib eye roast. MINIMUM, 1 pound raw per 3, cooked low temp to minimize shrinkage, and have a server to slice ad serve the first round
mashed potatoes, 30 pounds
Gravy? 1 cup per 4
baked mac & cheese, 8 pounds dry pasta1 pound cheese per pound, 1 quart sauce per pound

green bean bundles, 20 pounds
fried cabbage.18 pounds

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