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memorial service for 400-do we make less ?
A sad event to lose someone when its unexpected. we have been asked to provide a light lunch reception for 400 pretty quickly. we are used to large events but mostly as potlucks or 150 served. we plan a double sided buffet with duplicates of everything to speed serving. with small soft rolls, platters of ham, turkey, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, mayo, mustard,butter, and green salads, dressing, fruit platters, cookies, desserts , punch , coffee, tea.
Your charts have always been helpful. But under the circumstances, do people eat alot less then normal? leftovers will be put out after church the next day. we have a commercial refrigerator for storage.

My resource of choice is the restaurant supply costco which has more choices of formats of foods then regular costco. (ie presliced, cubed, ect) thank you. melissa (oops previous post misread 100. want subject title to be helpful to others)

In this situation, you can multiply by 3.5 instead of 4, and do use the reception level sandwich making table on the sandwich making page for the fillings. Usually, this is not exactly at a meal time, and people do eat less.

You might consider donating extras to a local feeding program in memoriam.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I meant we would put the leftover
food out after the service for people to eat during the fellowship time. not to throw away :>) But donation is a good idea. In the past we have donated to tent city which is a local homeless community.
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