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wedding reception
Hi Ellen,
I am getting married the 27 of this month we are expecting 35 people for our ceremony. Our cermoney is at three in the afternoon so I am planning on finger sandwiches, chips, fruit and veggie platter. Along with cupcakes (in place of cake) cheese cake (my husband to be does not eat cake) and mini brownies. My question is if I just make up ham and turkey sandwiches with cheese how many should I make? I also planned on doing crackers meat and cheese plate.
Also how many pounds of veggies fruit would you recommend?
Am I going over board? Or not enough?
Please help this diy bride to be!
Thanks Kim
35 people is a good size party for this.

I suggest you NOT make finger sandwiches at all. Time consuming, get soft or stale. Instead, put out 4 pounds of crackers and tiny cocktail bread slices (available at many groceries); 3 pounds of sliced cheeses, 3 1/2 pounds deli slice turkey and 2 1/2 pounds deli slice ham; mild and spicy mustard and good mayo, and let people assemble their own snacks.

chips, 3 pounds assorted
3 pints dips and salsa

fruit platter- see fruit tray page, do for 25
veggie platter- suggest you do 1/2 the classic relish tray at the top of the veggie tray page, as the pickles and olives added will be more party-ish and good with the sandwiches .

cupcakes (in place of cake) - 1 per person if all one flavor, 24 each for 2
cheese cake (my husband to be does not eat cake)
consider minis/bites- 2 per person plus an extra handful for him; I do 28 pounds whole for 100 people, so whole you would do about 8-9 pounds
mini brownies- 2 per person

You might add 2 pounds of mixed nuts and 1 1/2 pounds of mints on the table.

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