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Benefit Dinner For 300 people
Melissa Sneed
Im having deep fry chicken, red beans w/sausage, and rice, corn bread and cake.Could you please tell me how much seasoning will i need to season the chicken and and my beans also how much cooking oil will i need to deep fry my chicken,how many pack of dry kidney beans and box of sausage will i need to put in my beans,how many boxes of jiffy corn bread and how much eggs to make my corn bread,how much rice,how many box of cake mix and eggs to make my cake.And can you tell me what all i need as for as pots utensils napkins paper towel coolers etc.that i need to prepare
Melissa, this is a very difficult menu for this many people if you plan to fry the chicken yourself. What kind of kitchen? Does it have several commercial size deep fryers? These would be essential.

Also, is there no salad or green vegetable planned?

A dinner this size would take about 8 people in the kitchen (3-4 just for the chicken frying) and 18-20 out front to set up, serve and clean up the event. It would require at least 4 serving lines, and 6 (or 3 double-sided) would be better.

You need to look at commercial size mixes (3-5 pound boxes) for your cake and corn bread. Do you have access to a restaurant supply store?

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