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2 hour reception
I think I've figured out my Paypal glitch and will gladly donate, great advice and fun reading!
I'm helping a friend with her daughter's wedding on a budget of about $5 per person. I'm thinking they are underestimating costs but I'll defer to the expert.
200 people, mostly adults, late November (cold and rainy), 2:30-4:30PM.
They "must have" these next items, I've estimated quantity. 55 cups each dispensers of coffee, decaf, hot water and cocoa. 4qts cream, 1 qt soy, 4# sugar, 1 pint honey, 200 sweeteners, 60 teabags.
2 each caramel apple slices, mini scones and pumpkin bread.
They would like, 20#s fruit, 20# cheese with 10# crackers, 10# nuts, 600 tea sandwiches.
So far, there are 4 "workers" and 4 food tables. It doesn't seem doable to me but they've already downsized from a full meal to tea party to this and I'm not sure what to tell them to add or delete to make it work with their budget.
Thank you so much, you're the best!
OK, smart change to a tea party time slot.

We are skipping the tea sandwiches entirely. Fussy, don't keep well, and rather expensive.

For 200 people, I would do 2 urns of coffee, the decaf, etc, are fine. 12 gallons of a light punch or even hot cider or lemonade would be a fine addition.

20#s fruit, OK, but 30 would be better
20# cheese with 10# crackers, I would do 16 pounds cheese, some of it spreads/logs/ cream cheese with jam or preserves poured over (much less costly), and 12 pounds of crackers
10# nuts, These are expensive, you could do better for the cost.

What I would do since it will be late November, is start now baking and freezing a different kind of Christmas cookies or bars every weekend, and have about 800 with the cheese and fruit. People will love this- I have received wonderful feedback on this, as everyone loves the cookies and no one bakes much any more.

Thank you so much! As much as I'd love to keep talking to you, I hope this is the last time I'm back to the drawing board. When I said I'd help, this wasn't what I expected. Just so I'm clear...
4 workers, 4 tables (identical tables or 2 cheese/fruit & 2 sweet tables)
2 55 cup coffee, 1 decaf, 1 hot water and 1 cocoa, 12 gal punch plus tea bags etc.
30# fruit
16# cheese, 12# crackers
800 cookies, bars etc. I'll need to work their pumpkin bread into this count.
They still want the darned caramel apple slices so 2 each of those.
Thanks again for doing the hard part, this is why my wedding was catered!
Looks about right. A loaf of quick bread counts as 8 pieces. I would allow at least 3 ounces apples per person (1 pound per 5), at least 1 cup dip per 6.
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