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Tacos for 60 people
Ellen I am cooking tacos for 60 people at my church. The taco part w/ground beef will be served and then there will be a taco bar for toppings. I tried to calculate based on the information on this site and just wanted to see if you would check my calculations.

3- 3/4 # of Tomatoes for diced
3-3/4 # of Lettuce for shredding
2 # shredded cheese
2 # chopped/sliced olives or 2 quarts
7-1/2 cups of sour cream
24 cups of Guacamole or 6 quarts or 12 #
2 # salsa or 2 quarts + 1 gallon for chips
15 # of ground beef (before cooking)

Do you have a recipe for guacamole? I couldn't find it, but maybe I missed it.
I would like to add chopped cilantro for people as a topping option how many bunches do you think I would need for 60 people. Finally, is there a way to adapt your refried bean recipe to serve 60 1/3 cup servings? Would it work just to add an extra pound of cooked pinto beans Thanks for your help.

2 ounces of chopped cilantro is a cup, at 1 tablespoon per person, you want 6-7 cups per 100.

for 60 people, the simplest and safest estimate is 2/3 the amounts for 100, so I would increase slightly.

3- 3/4 # of Tomatoes for diced- go just over 4
3-3/4 # of Lettuce for shredding- go just over 4
2 # shredded cheese- short- , available in bulk throuh restaurant supply, are a best buy for it says, double for tacos- 4 pounds= 16 cups
2 # chopped/sliced olives or 2 quarts- plenty
7-1/2 cups of sour cream-plenty
24 cups of Guacamole or 6 quarts or 12 #- plenty. Frozen avocados available in bulk from restaurant supply houses, are a best buy for this. Recipe is about 2/3 avocado, 1/3 good salsa, lemon or preferably lime juice to taste
2 # salsa or 2 quarts + 1 gallon for chips- 1 1/2 gallons ok
15 # of ground beef (before cooking), fine. Taco seasoning home made recipe is on site under the escape from the trash ba walking taco salad recipe.

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