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How much fruit do I serve for 500?
09/25/14 How much food to serve 500?
How much fruit would be needed to serve 500 people? Cookies will also be provided. This will be at breakfast time - 8am.

This is a tough call since most of the people will not have eaten and you don't say whether there will be muffins, yogurt, juice, coffee, etc. More info, please? And will there be a coffee break later? Write back and start a new thread.

There will only be fruit, cookies, and sweet tea/water. This is for a high school reception for students and parents. Parents and students will stay for the reception and afterward, parents leave. Kids will have a break for food about an hour later.

I would do 3 times the deluxe tray for 100 on the fruit tray page, not omitting any; but you could sub if some fruits are too expensive in your area. It takes about 60 work hours to do each full tray if you do the cutting and peeling.

This selection is much less food than I normally recommend in this time slot. If parents are involved, at least try to add reception level coffee, see the beverage planning page.

I have a wedding to do for my cousin and i need to know how much fruit to purchase for a fruit table. Thanks
Vickie, is this as an appetizer for a dinner, and is it for 500 people? What else is being served, it affects amounts. Write back.
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