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Summer Wedding for 100 (kabobs etc)
HI Ellen -

I have been asked to cater a wedding next July for 100. Meal starts @ 5:30. This is their "wish"
Stationary Appetizer (X2)
Cheese (soft and hard)
Cured Meats
Fresh baguettes
Assortment of crackers
Assorted Olives
Veggie dip

Passed Appetizers
Gourmet Deviled Eggs
Sweet Pea Crustini

Family Style Dinner- three courses- 7 pm
(Courses will be served to a table as a whole to share, one course at a time). Each table will have two specialty sauces & butter- I will make
First Course:
- Mesclun salad with blueberry infused vinaigrette ~ Salad will be tossed with dressing beforehand- large salad bowl per table

- Warm baguette-
bread can stay on tables and get refilled, every other plate will be cleared.

Second Course
- Three layer beet tart

Third Course- the last course will be served hot
-Lamb/beef kabobs with cherry tomatoes, onions and peppers.
- Warm rice pilaf with olive oil and some fresh herbs.

Any thoughts you have about this menu & amounts would be a HUGE help!!!

Thanks Patti

Patti, I would be glad to help with this, and you could use some tweaks. However, this is a full-on pro consult, which I generally don't do for free. Consider making a donation, and I will send you the suggestions with your thank you note.
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