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50th birthday party
Lori Mcniff
I am doing a party for 50 they only want appts.
Fruit tray
Ceasers salad in bread cups topped/shredded parm
Shrimp Cocktail
Chicken wings bbq and buffalo
Open faced ruben bites on mini rye
Meatball sliders
This is starting at 7pm i was wondering how many of each i will need to make and how much shrimp to buy..i would like to use lg shrimp..
Lori, this menu is unbalanced, meat heavy, and nothing for any non-meat eating guests. Are they at all open to swapping or adding some mini quiches and maybe stuffed mushrooms or something like that?

Get with them and write back.

Also, I need to know how long the party is and whether there are any other foods? Dessert? Coffee? Alcohol?.

Lori Mcniff
Ellen, it is 7-12 and there will dessert and coffee the place alcohol..and they took meatball sliders out and put stuffed mushrooms
Lori, 5 hours, you need to plan least 24 "bites" per person, where a bite is a half deviled egg, 1 mushroom (unless very large), 1 shrimp, etc. A slider, etc might be 2.

This is what I might do:

Fruit tray- 1/2 deluxe tray for 100 on the fruit tray page

Caesar salad in bread cups topped/shredded parm
At least 1 per person, I would do 60

Shrimp Cocktail- the least costly way to do this is is clear shooters or 6 ounce cups or glasses, Mexican style in the sauce with chopped avocado, green onion, etc; if you do peeled shrimp with dip separate, you need at least 4 ounces shrimp per person, 1/4 cup cocktail sauce. 1 serving per person

Chicken wings
bbq and buffalo
at least 6 pieces per person, I usually allow a half pound. I have been doing small chicken legs for bbq, cheaper and very popular.

Open faced ruben bites on mini rye- 2-3 each, depends on size

stuffed mushroom 3-4 per person

You ca see by count that this is short for 5 hours. I would add at least a classic relish tray (recipe on site) and 2 other items, for example you could offer 2 platter dips; hummus, about 3-4 pounds with 3 pounds pita chips or crackers or veggies, and a 7 layer dip (recipe on site) with 3 pounds chips. perhaps?

People will expect to nibble for at least 3 hours, and quite a few will skip dinner beforehand.

Hope this helps.

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