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fruit cheese party for 80
We are planning a 2 hour party with fruits and cheese, bread any crackers, vege tray, nuts and olives.....for 80 how much do I need to buy. Tks
What time does it start and end? This affects amounts. Write back.
2 hours
Joy, the amount of food varies substantially if it starts at 2 pm or 8 pm, compared to 5-7 pm. What time does it actually start?
4pm to 6pm
Good Morning Ellen,
Thanks for your help with our party.
The menu consists of four varieties of cheese, fresh fruit, dried fruit, spanikopita (100), mini quiche (40), apple-onion bites (40),salmon spirals (40), italian meats (salami etc) vege tray with dips, breads and crackers and a small bowl of assorted olives. What I am struggling with is the amount of fruit, cheese and veges given the other foods we are serving for our group of 80. I really appreciate your help and any suggestions you can offer us. Tks, joy
Thanks, Joy,

Because people will be coming from other activities or work, and it is a long time since lunch, the appetites will be pretty good. Also, I always make sure I have enough of everything for 1 1/2 to 2 pieces per person, especially the more desirable items; otherwise a lot of people notice that "someone else got something and I did not", which tends to put a damper on the party feeling. So, you may want to make some additions, or perhaps skip one and have more of others. For this length of time in this slot, here is what I would do:

fresh fruit, 4-6 pieces per person, fruit tray page tells how much each type fruit makes
dried fruit, 3 pieces per person
spanikopita (100), will run out
mini quiche (40), 120
apple-onion bites (40), 80
salmon spirals (40), 120
italian meats (salami etc) - 1 ounce per 10
vege tray - 2 ounces ready to eat per person
dips, 1 cup per 6-8 (more if thicker, less if thinner)

four varieties of cheese, 6 pounds
breads, 1 pound per 12
crackers, 4-5 pounds, depends on size and type

nuts, 4-5 pounds

small bowl of assorted olives. 2-3 quarts

This makes about 14 bites per person, which will not leave much left, but will give everyone some nice bites.
If this saves you time, trouble or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support the site.

Hi Ellen,
You are a great help!! Thanks for taking the time to fine tune my menu and help with the amounts! I love your site, I am so glad I found it...If you're ever have the chance to come to the Southern Oregon Area, it would be a pleasure to meet you.
Thanks again for your help,
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