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sandwich bar with salads for 175
Having 175 at my daughter's wedding reception. We are serving cold meat with rolls and salads. Two homegrown turkeys are being donated, roasted and sliced. I will buy sliced roast beef and ham and sliced cheeses. How many different salads should I serve with it and how much of each. Also what should be the total weight of all meat?
Thank you for your response.
This is a pleasant plan and the way to make it special is to go all out on the breads, side dishes and beverages, many of which can be made ahead. Do you know whether your community is primarily a roast beef area or a turkey area? Where I live it has transferred from beef to turkey for most crowds, although that does vary with the age and makeup of the group.

Do you know the starting size of the turkeys? Each one ends up about 1/2 the original raw weight in cooked meats.

If it is winter, have you considered adding a really good soup?

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