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Cook Talk

Wedding food for 50 in three days!!
We have:
Pulled pork w buns
Fried chicken variety
Cheeses potatoe caserole
Rigatoni and meatballs
Macaroni salad
Green beans
Brocolli salad
Hobo salad

Plus cookies, cupcakes

Can you give us an approximate of how much of each is needed. We have the deep dish aluminum pans that go inside the buffet servers ( throw away pans) we are planning on using.

Pulled pork w buns- 1 pound ready to serve per 6, 5 buns or 12 slider buns per pound, slider better
Fried chicken variety- 6 chickens- 48 pieces
Rigatoni and meatballs- 1 pan
Cheeses potato casserole- 1 1/2 pans
Macaroni salad- with the rigatoni, the potatoes and the beans, I would skip. Instead, 1 1/2 gallons slaw to go with the pulled pork, or a good fruit tray.
Green beans- 10 pounds (1 1/2 pans)
Broccoli salad- 2 gallons
Hobo salad (beans)- 1 1/2 gallons

You are going to have some leftovers, but with 3 entrees for 50, you always do.

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