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Soup buffet for 120
I am planning a soup buffet for 120 people. In an earlier thread you had mentioned what to serve with it, so I am going to have:

Beef barley stew
Creamy potato soup
Vegan lentil soup
Butternut squash soup
Various toppings for soups
artisan breads and rolls
extensive cheese trays
classic relish trays
fruit trays
wedding cake

About 15% of the wedding guests are vegetarian or vegan. How many gallons of each soup should I make, and how much beef do you think will go into the quantity of beef stew I need?

Thank you!

This is a fine meal, and if it is for a wedding, please consider adding an appetizer table. In this case, you might consider a Middle Eastern approach with dolmas, feta cheese chunks, Greek olives, and mild cherry peppers, plus hummus and pita chips. Aetna or Aegean are reliable brands, a $7 can has 60 dolmas, you would want 3-4 cans. 3 pounds cubed feta, 2-3 quarts olives, 2 quarts cherry peppers; 6-8 cups hummus total and 1ounce pita chips per person.

Beef barley stew- If this is a stew, rather than a soup, 20-25 pounds beef
Creamy potato soup- 3 gallons, probably gone
Vegan lentil soup- 3 gallons, probably some left

Butternut squash soup- 3 soups is very adequate for this size group. Consider 1 roaster full of roasted, cubed butternut squash with olive oil, honey or agave , and herbs.

Various toppings for soups- use the taco bar page; for something like corn, about 3 quarts

artisan breads and rolls-18-20 pounds
4 pounds butter, on tables, maybe a pot of jam and a pot of almond or cashew butter also

extensive cheese trays- 1 pound per 8
classic relish trays- consider doing these divided, 1 per table- they get messy looking fast on the buffet

fruit trays- deluxe fruit tray for 100 would be enough for this, see fruit tray page

wedding cake
Hot beverages served with dessert: coffee and decaf, tea bags, cocoa mix, hot water. Use reception level coffee guide on the beverage planning page.

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