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60th birtday party
Having 50 guests around 6:30pm arrival time...
Serving sausage, meatball and roast beef sandwiches..Sides are cheesy potatoes and garden salad.. How much meat should I buy? and how many peppers and onions should I buy for the sanwiches? How much cheesy potatos should I make? Thanks
Lida, odd as it seems, this is a small group for 3 hot sandwich choices, and you will have leftovers if you plan enough that everyone gets the first choice. Unless it is the b'day person's favorite, I suggest you skip the sausage- the peppers and onions are often avoided in this age group- or serve veggies separately, about 3 pounds each. Also have a plate of sliced cheeses for any non-meat eaters, about 2 pounds..

sausage, 2-3 pounds, or how about sliced turkey?
meatball, about 4 pounds
roast beef , deli thin slices, assuming cold, about 4 pounds
sandwiches, small hero rolls or baguette would be a very good choice for one of the breads. About 1 pound bread/roll for each 6 people.

cheesy potatoes, use recipe at the bottom of the breakfast planning page for amounts

garden salad 1/2 the amount for 100 on the plan for 100 page

Suggest also you add 1 1/2 gallons of a interesting dish such as a cold bean salad, corn relish or fruit tray.

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