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50th Anniversary Party for my parents
my siblings and I are planning a 50th Anniversary Party for my parents. They decided to serve
hor d'oeuvres. It is from 1:00-5:00PM in Nov. right after Thanksgiving for about 60 people of all age groups. The family is planning on bringing all the food but I don't know how much to ask each person(only close relatives will be asked to bring food)to bring. I thought having them bring enough for 24 people would cover it but now I am worried. Should I let them bring what they want as long as they let me know what it is or should I narrow it down to a list of certain items and have them sign up to bring it? Please help?
This is a very long appetizer party, and you need at least 24 bites per person if they all stay the whole time. 2 of each item per person (that's 120 bites), pretty much, with about 10 items.

You ca decide whether you want 2 or 3 to be sweets and the rest savories, for example.

Fr a party this size, this long, for example,you might want
about 8 pounds of meatballs, 2 1/2 quarts sauce, maybe with 6 dozen slider rolls;
same of sausage bites or little smokies;
120 each of 2-3 kinds of little roll up bites;
120 each of about 3 interesting items such as stuffed grape leaves, stuffed mushrooms, mini-quiches, crostini, or tarts; OR deviled egg halves (you need only about 72 pieces)
4 pounds crackers or bread bites with 4-5 pounds spreads or dips or cheese OR 5-6 pounds chips with salsas or dips

Either additional spreads, dips or specialties, OR 4 per person of cookies and bars

Reception level coffee, see beverage planning page, which will also help with alcoholic beverages if needed.
6 gallons of punch, lemonade, hot cider, etc.

This should give you a starting point. For example, you know who to ask who can afford the more expensive items and who has more time than money and would be great for deviled eggs. Feel free to write back

If this saves you time, trouble or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime or quarter per guest, to support this site. Thanks, and happy anniversary.

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