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DIY wedding outdoors for 120
Hi Ellen,
We're desperate to keep costs down so are considering catering our own wedding. At first we were going to have food vans but we'd really prefer everyone to sit and eat together.

We need to keep it extremely simple as neither if us had ever done anything like this before. We're considering hiring catering equipment to reheat food we've precooked, and then to keep it warm.

Could you suggest what equpment we'd need (I've looked at propane has ovens, hot cupboards, and chafing dishes), and what dishes would be best? There will be tons if asks and bread, then we're thinking perhaps lasagne, pulled pork, or pies as the hot food.

We just want some hot element to the meal that can be easily precooked, reheated on site (a field with a marquee), and kept warm on the tables if necessary.

Any tips great fully recieved!

This is a challenge even for an experienced person. Since "neither if us had ever done anything like this before", it is critical to keep this simple, and that begins with 2 things- getting enough help both before and during, and selecting the right menu.

At your outdoor site, will you have electric connections? Many choose to have a generator.

Would you consider either hot burritos, or a baked poato bar? Both of these can provide hot food prepared 5-6 hours earlier without reheating.

Write back.

Thanks Ellen. We will have generators so power won't be a problem. I'll have plenty of help to make everything beforehand but our issues will be that we will be on site from the friday and the wedding isn't until the saturday. So we'll have to transport all the food, keep it cool throughout friday, then reheat on saturday. OR cook everything on site.

Baked potato bar sounds good but i'm not sure about the burritos. My OH thinks we should give up on the idea of a free bar and spend the money we would have put on that onto having proper catering, But i'd love to see if we have a shot at this and can therefore do both within budget.

Thanks so much for your help.

Forgot to add we will hire waiting staff (local students) and someone to man the kitchen on the day of.
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