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Picnic Wedding for 150
Can anyone help me with how much I will need? Doing my wedding by myself. I've invited 168. Im assuming 120 will show. But just incase, making for 150.

Hot Dogs
Meatless Pasta Dish (probably mostaccioli)
Baked Beans
Potato Salad
Raw Veggies & Dip
Potato Chips

This traditional hot dog picnic can be partied up for your wedding with just a few tweaks.

Hot Dogs- consider doing bun size Polish sausages or at least all beef kosher dogs. Have a crockpot of tofu pups/ vegetarian dogs for any non meat eaters. Plan 2 per person
See if you can find pretzel rolls locally, very very tasty.
Do a topping bar, separate from the main serving area.Make coney sauce and/or hot dog chili, recipes are here:
www.ellenskitchen. com/forum/messages/43504.html
3-4 gallons fine cole slaw
2-3 kinds of mustard
2 quarts sport peppers or jalapenos
3-4 quarts pickle relish
salsa, chopped tomatoes, etc

Meatless Pasta Dish (probably mostaccioli), for 150, 12-15 pounds dry pasta. Mac and cheese would also be a fine choice
Baked Beans- 4 1/2 gallons, 6 #10 cans
Corn 28 pounds- could also do a cold corn salad/relish, about 4 gallons
Salad, use plan for 100 page, 1 1/2 times the amounts
Potato Salad- about 5 gallons
Pickles- 1 1/2 gallons assorted
Raw Veggies & Dip- use veggie tray page
Potato Chips- 1 pound per 12, 1 pint dip salsa per pound
consider adding fruit trays with plenty of watermelon, see the fruit tray page

Lemonade? Beer? See beverage page, also advice on napkins, plates, etc.

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