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coocking and italian menu for 80
planning an Italian menu for 80 people buffet style. I need help with planning portions. Serving meatballs, sausage and peppers, chicken cutlets, baked ziti, green salad, coldcut and cheese tray, and veggie tray. possibly a dessert.
Do these as appetizer/nibbles

coldcut and cheese tray, see antipasto tray this site, bottom of this page:
veggie tray, do classic relish tray on the veggie tray page.

meatballs, 12-16
sausage and peppers, 12-16 pounds sausages, equal weight veggies
You want a total of about 30 pounds meats between these 2
chicken cutlets, 1 pound per 4 (small piece per person)

baked ziti, 12 pounds dry pasta
green salad, use plan for 100 page, do 3/4 plus a bit

need bread, 10 pounds
dipping oil, 4-5 pounds

possibly a dessert. definitely- could be as simple as affogato, or gelato and biscotti

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