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Cook Talk

I have 130 people and I am doing a cocktail party for 130-150 people I am serving appetizers 4 different ones. Party will last 5 hours how many appetizers per person should I have for the duration of the party?
Also trying to make ceviche for 1 of the appetizers. How many pounds of fish should I make?
THanks so much
Annette, 4 appetizers for a 5 hour party is not a large enough selection. In addition you are looking at 5-6 people to staff, more if it is passed appetizers rather than table.

Also, if it is 5 hours and goes over a normal mealtime, that almost doubles the amount of food needed. Can you please write me the type of event, when it actually starts and the approximate age mix of the crowd, so I can give you better advice?

This is old thred, but have same question...

Wedding 150 people

Hiring a Taquiza ( taco Cart) to cook on site tortillas & meat ( Carne, Chicken, either fish or adobado haven't decided yet, leaning toward fish) with salsas and quesadilla option -- they provide 3 tacos per person--

Was debating making sides and appitzers with family help-- Rice, Beans, Mexican Cornbread, And Elote style Corn is cheap to make, holds well if pre-make, and will easily heats up--the venue has a kitchen so can warm in oven in morning and transfer to chaffing dish

Was thinking about adding a nacho bar.....but instead of just chips and salsa wanted a meat option....
The venue is on a marina so like idea of surf & turf... I have made ceviche before using Talapia for the white meat and added shrimp ( the shrimp is most expensive.....could even add some octopus )
I know ceviche only holds for 24 hours, maybe 48 but can start to get mushy and go bad... The shrimp comes precooked, the white fish needs to cook 4 hours in lemon juice, so in theory, can prep all ingredients in advance, cut the fish in 1/4 " pieces and then put into the lemon juice the morning of and combine prior to serving... this was my thinking anyways... maybe I am wrong...
what I dont know is for a group this size how much of the ingredients I will need...
When I've made it before, was always for a group under 20.
also any other mexican themed appitizers that we can make ourselves and save money opposed ordering from a caterer? Maybe Tajin fruit cups......melon is not expensive... most caters charge upward $40 for a fruit tray that feeds 20 people... I feel most of that $ is convience. thoughts? Thanks

I would not do ceviche in this situation, too many food safety issues.

Mexican rice, 8 pounds dry per 100. Consider either black beans or the borracho beans on this site, check recipe for help on quantities.

Fruit trays are expensive because hey are labor intensive, about 6 cook hours for a deluxe tray for 100 as described on ths sie. Fruit trays are a GREAT choice for this meal, see he fruit tray page for help.

Salad is really important, and cabbage slaw for fish tacos is colorful and interesting.

Guacamole ir tamales are the luxury additions you might consider. Do read over the tex mes page and the fajita page for many more ideas.

Write back. Ths wll be fun.

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