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wedding reception for 55 guests
Hi! I am planning a DIY wedding and reception. I am thinking of doing an Italian spread with 3 entrees, salad, rolls, an antiPasto tray, pinwheels, and a meatball appetizer for approx. 55 ppl. I am trying to do an estimated price list and to know about how many lbs of pasta, meat, etc. I am looking at to get a realistic budget. Can you offer any input? Thank you!
Nice menu, perfect size group. I would do 2 baked pastas- such as a red meat lasagna and a white veg lasagna with lots of mushrooms, etc, so there is no last minute boiling/fussing, see the spaghetti page for guide on how much meat pasta, etc for 50 people and add about 10%; braised casseroled chicken, or sausage and peppers 1 pound per 5 boneless, or 1 pound per 3 bone in; salad; roasted veg (it is done ahead and served room temp) or eggplant parm or fancied up broccoli as a green veg, about 10 pounds; red wine, chianti or sangria1/2 bottle per person.

6 pounds bread, 3 quarts dipping oil, on the tables. Salads could go there, too, either individually or olive bowl style.

About 6 pounds of meatballs in 2 quarts sauce for the appies, and use the antipasto platter on this site as a guide for your tray. 2 pinwheels per person, plus a handful extra.

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