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vision ware
I wanted cookware I could use universally on my gas cook top and in my GE advantium oven which exceeds 500 degrees in temperature. I contacted GE who recommended vision ware so I set about trying to purchase it.

In my search, I learned the product had been made during different eras, by 2 different manufacturers, and from 2 different types of glass. The many postings of random explosions prompted me to e-mail the current manufacturer regarding its safety. It took about a week because my contact person went to great lengths to get accurate information and the result was a resounding yes with no mention of safeguards in regards to heat temperature, open flame, extreme temperature change etc.

I proceded to purchase 3 pieces of cookware from eBay and used two of them last Saturday for the first time. After 10 minutes on med heat on top of my gas range, the pot containing green beans and a small amount of water exploded. Fortunately no person was near and no injuries occurred.

You may now make your decision... purchase and use vision ware? Sell vision ware to someone else? Hhhhhmmmm!!

As I recommended years ago-break it and recycle it. It REALLY is not safe on the stove top, and I don't use it in the oven anymore, either. Thanks for the note- if in the USA, you can report to the consumer safety division of our US gov.
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