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Cook Talk

Cooking Italian for 200
I'm cooking all italian for 200 people. The wedding is at 3:30. I plan to make 5 huge pans of ziti, five pans of cheesy tortilli with ingredients, and chicken parmesan with cheeses etc. I will precook all these casseroles and finish around noon as I need to go get ready for the wedding. Would it be best if I precook them and keep them in a warmer until everyone starts eating around five pm? Or best if I don't precook and have some servers pull them from fridge and start heating them up around 1pm. and then put them in chafing dishes prior to guests arriving. I need advice. I'm on a budget so I need to do it myself. I'm the groom's mother.
Don't precook. Have the helpers cook them. You can't hold more than 2 hours after cooking before serving, for safety sake. AND they have to stay in the fridge until you bake them, again for safety sake, especially the chicken.
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