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family gathering
I am planning a gathering of 200 peoples, my menu is collard greens, turnip greens, pole bean with potatoes, mac n cheese, potatoe salad,yellow rice,ham, baked chicken, fried chicken,sweet potatoe pie,cakes, punch or tea could you give me an estimate on how much this would cost if i do it myself and how much of each would i need to purchase
I can't do costs, there is too much regional variation. Here are some estimates of amounts.

collard greens,
turnip greens,
Total 45 pounds ready to cook, or about 90 fresh
pole bean with potatoes, 35 pounds beans, 15 potatoes

mac n cheese, about 20 pounds dry pasta, 20 quarts sauce, 12-20 pounds cheese
potato salad, 75 pounds raw potatoes plus fixings, or see the recipes for 100 on this site
yellow rice, about 15 pounds dry

ham, 1 pound boneless per 4
baked chicken, 100 pieces
fried chicken, 200 pieces

suggest rolls/bread (24 pounds) and butter (6 pounds)

sweet potato pie, 1 pie serves 6; 1 can whip cream per 20
cakes, 1 cake serves 12

punch or tea about 18 gallons, at least 3 gallons unsweetened or sugar free

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