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catering for 120( 90 adults+ 30 kids)
Ruchi Mehrotra
Hi, I m going to cater a party of 120 people with 5 starters and 3 main course dishes. Pls help me to figure out the quantity I ll be needed.starters item are potato tikka, chicken tikka, paneer( cottage cheese) Manchurian, samosas, chickpea chat and the main course will be dal, butter chicken and mix veg dry with chapati n Rice. In dessert carrot porridge
So how much chicken I should buy and other things as well? Pls tell me in KG.
Hi, Ruchi,

I usually estimate for USA eaters, and they eat more, so in your case, you can count this as if it were 100 people for using all my planning tables. You must do the pound to kilo conversion yourself, there are easy to use converters on line. 1/2 cup serving size is about 240 ml.

potato tikka,
chicken tikka,
2 pieces of each per person is plenty

paneer (cottage cheese) Manchurian,
chickpea chat
These are so tasty! just 1/4 cup or about 120 ml each per person is plenty

dal, 1/2 cup ready to serve per person
butter chicken, allow 1 kilo of boneless meat, or 2 kilos whole chicken per 10 people
mix veg dry. 1/2 cup ready to serve per person

chapati- 1 per person, but for these, do count the children as a person each
Rice about 4 kilos per 100

dessert carrot porridge 1/2 cup per person

I hope this helps

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